Waste My Time

by Bedspin

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Walking home With a bloody nose From a sleepless night on top of a funeral home And I can't see the irony (You want some more) But how much can I take before I hit the floor with a lust for dying I know I'm lost But I don't wanna find my way Today is dumb Tomorrow won't be better I don't want to hear it I don't want to find out (why) I keep on living this way and they keep walking away I think I was born to lose You're gonna distance yourself You'll say that i need some help They know I chose to lose Live with know regrets At least not yet We're choking to death on cigarettes To test our lung capacity (Can't take anymore) But everyone else still wants to score I think they're lying You think we're lost but we won't go another way You want to talk but you don't want to listen I don't want to hear it I don't want to find out (why) You seem so boring lately Is your life overrated Why build a future just to lay in the ground with the rest of the world Rest of the woooooorrrrrlddd
Sedgwick 03:02
Yeah you’re a piece of work you know Scrape by with money left to blow Make cash but lose it just as fast Two years then looking in the past When the roof caves And luck runs out You gotta stop, disarm and quit Just know you could’ve had it all Could’ve made it Could’ve laid low Could’ve won with your charm and wit Now you got your back against the wall This town’s a piece of work you know Some fucked up place called Chicago Rich and the poor one block away Mayor’s the mob more every day We're all alone
You said I’m kicked out You said I fucked it up again It’s got me crumblin I’m fumblin My big mouth can only find a means to my end I’m like a dying trend And I don’t know what you’re thinking Can’t stop myself from drinking All I know is I’m not getting close Hitting the road in last night’s dirty clothes As the floor starts to cave My life around me starts to crumble away And with no luck, I will never give up So don't send help I'll try to deal with this myself My personal trip to hell
I wake up every morning searching asphalt for gold Fillin’ up shopping carts, while they all fill out the mold When your life’s done and you’re too broke And you got nowhere to go you got nowhere to go It’s war or massacre We got nowhere to go We got nowhere to go Which side is was right, who was the worst Does it even matter, who shot first? There’s no true record of what happened that day But what did this town do for you anyway?
What if I don’t end up with the world What if I don’t end up with the girl What if all this ends up to make shit What happens when we don’t make it Are we done, are we fucked, are we wasted Are we bad for living in the basement Are we wrong living without a care All I know is there’s plenty of us out there I don’t want to waste my time And sit while life keeps flashing by My mind thinks it’s all one big lie To do the same shit till you die What’ll happen when your well laid plans go fail If they work, now you’re working till you’re old and frail 22 years old nothing more to do That’s life, but I don’t want to Go stand by and waste my time And sit while life keeps flashing by My mind thinks it’s all one big lie To do the same shit till you die
Arrhythmia 02:47
Seems like my time is running out Going nowhere still chasing doubt And I've found, no love And now my own will drags me down She's playing games with your head but you cannot see Blinded by your own stupidity Distrust, sold lies Left to die as I Take on everything (just like everyday) Make my heart beat faster Then bury it Somethings never even mattered (like it never even mattered) Feels like my hearts buried underground Taken away and useless now Fade out, so long She finally worked her charm And playing games with your head but you can't complain Brought it on yourself, there's no more to explain Your fate, and her games Face to face now And I can't let this go Lost all my self control
Street Rat 02:04
Kicked out and to the ground I've stumbled through another shitty town It doesn't take long to forget The memories that were far from perfect And now as I lie awake I don't think I can really take it Lost myself looking for more Forgetting the things I chose to ignore Yet I knew just by the way she slammed the door There is no return I can't turn around to say goodbye Can't go back for the things I left behind I'm on my own Another rat's let loose to crawl the streets Trying to find a way to make ends meet Washed out and fade away The motive lessens everyday There is nothing left but a barren waste Still somehow you can't escape It's too late, the dream is gone but the aftermath is long from gone I can't give back when there is nothing for me Life's hypocrisy
Brain Dead 02:31
You overhear about how you’ll never figure it out Still a mile out but you're not turning around It’s like i’ve never been heard Been yellin for days without saying a word Give my best but I guess I’ll never learn I'll never start using my head We'll fall apart just to start all over again Unscramble my brain fry it overeasy Numbing out all the pain but still feeling queasy I need some understanding I need something some caffeine Now that my brain is ending So much for being healthy Should’ve done more exercises Should’ve stayed away from surprises Should’ve made more compromises Taking loans out to pay the prices But I can't feel it anymore
High Life 02:41
You tell me man I gotta ditch this place Save face start new with out a trace Breaking the glass and reach the sky Risking it before I take 8.25 you're all left dying in the water While I'm drinking it maybe you should've thought more Turn around when your heart starts breakin' Realize that the path you've taken Set you up in flames But it was gonna happen anyway You said something about You got it figured out You said something about how well never see you again Said you'll make it big Said you'll be making green And Next time you see me Is on your TV screen And you'll forget us when you get done This small town isn't everything, still it takes a man to know one
Lobo Rd 02:38
Those sleeping pills don't work at all You've synthesized your highs for just a bit too long When too many nights to count have disappeared Will you ask yourself what brings you here? And when you go (So then I go) (So lets all go) To take a trip down to Lobo Rd Sacrifice to destination unknown Self medicate, Apprehensive minds From burnout dreams that don't rest aside But only on the lonely road you'll find That life is... Alright I wonder what it is that brings us back Is it for the thrill, the cure to another anxiety attack? So take me to the place where I feel at home 3 o'clock in the morning just to be alone Redundant promises are worthless Strung out and can't stand on my own And you'll never be alright But through dazed eyes this is paradise Taken hostage from my mind
Staycation 01:17
Wake up with nothing to do Changed my mind and turns out so did you Slept in but I’m not screwed Been blowing things off for the last month or two Carry me home I’ve been drinkin' I’m thinkin' too much I stayed home did me Made something no one has to see Read a book, cooked and looked up I’d write a song but I’m sure it would suck
Suffocate 02:45
I've got a million questions But I don’t wanna hear the answers I’ve got a million questions And I don’t wanna hear the answers And I'm starting to think That I can't think at all Keep giving up till there's nothing lose it all builds up until you suffocate Today's mistakes are the same as yesterday's I'm in a purgatory I'm not lost Keep running away till there's nowhere to go Keep giving up till there's nothing to lose Now you lost everything and there's nothing to show But if you hold it inside you'll suffocate


released December 31, 2018

Artwork by The Pleasure Program

Recorded and Mixed by Adam Fletcher at The Lost Cross House
Mastered by Reece Smoot

Ryan Bayer - Guitar/Vocals
Grant Kentala - Bass/Vocals
Morgan Hughes - Guitar/Vocals
Seth Bayer - Drums/Vocals


all rights reserved



Bedspin Carbondale, Illinois

Midwest-flavored punk rock

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